What is Press Release?

Press Release SubmissionA press release also known as press statement, news release or media release, is simply written statement which is used to announce a range of news such as scheduled events, awards, personnel promotion, sales accomplishments moreover, new products and services to the media. Typically, they are written in a proper format and mailed, faxed or e-mailed to editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television channels or television network. It’s also known as public relation which aim is to attract favorable media attention to public relation’s professionals client and provide the publicity for the products, services or events marketed by those clients.

How is a Press Release used?

As a press release is a press statement which is information supplied to press reporters of newspapers, other news media or various press release websites. So, press releases are used in a proper official format often sent by e-mail, fax as well as snail mail. They can also release in the press-conference as a part of full press-kit or it may be accompanied by a pitch letter. Now, press release is submitted into various press release websites. India SEO has a long list of press release websites which have high PR in Google.

Press Release Writing

In online or Internet marketing, press release also play an important role because press is the strong medium to promote your products and services to your target customers. Writing a press release is very challenging and responsible work because you have to market your services or products to your targeted customers. It should be written in a proper well documented format so that peoples could know products and services offered by you. India SEO has a professional team of press release writers who have vast experience and exposure for any industry and they are capable to write an attractive press release about products, services, scheduled events, awards, personnel promotion, sales accomplishments etc. for your company. Our PR writer team assure publicity of your products or services by writing press release in a well presentable and informative way.

Our Press Release Writers write press release by remembering following key things:

  • They don’t use hype-bloated keyword phrases like “state of the art”, “breakthrough”, “best”, “unique” etc to write a press release.
  • They always try to write any press release from a journalist prospective.
  • They read various newspapers & news magazines to get a new feel or style to write a press release.
  • They always try to write in short but descriptive information in press release writing.
  • And the most important things about our press release writers is that they often write a press release by placing the appropriate keywords from SEO perspective.
  • They always get in touch with our SEO copywriting team to write an effective press release.

Press Release Submission by India SEO

There are numerous press release websites where you can submit press release for your company. India SEO has a long list of press release websites where we can submit your site without any cost to promote your business. Search engines also give prominence to the site which regularly updates their products, services or events to their target customers through press release submission. So, press release has a direct impact in search engine optimization (SEO) as well as search engine marketing (SEM). Press release sites which gives the facility to submit press release for your company without any cost, get much prominence by the search engines. So, our SEO professionals always try to submit your press release at these sites. We are also tie-up with some reputed PR site which will help you to promote your business and to make new clientele base. Thus, you can find that our press release submission services is more affordable and reliable in comparison to other SEO companies.

If you want to know curiously about our press release submission service, contact us at the earliest. We would feel pride ourselves to serve you.